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The Asteroids

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Chiron is often cited as an asteroid (number 2060) however technically it is a planetoid. It was discovered by Charles T. Korral on November 1, 1977. Even though most asteroids exist within the Asteroid Belt (between Mars and Jupiter), Chiron has a large elliptical orbit that lies mainly within Saturn and Uranus. Its maximum diameter is 400 miles (640 km). Its solar orbital journey takes 50.7 years. With its eccentric orbit, Chiron spends a disproportionate amount of time in certain zodiac signs. It speeds up quickly in Gemini and slows down in Capricorn and remains this way through Taurus.

Chiron in Mythology

In mythology, Chiron, the son of Cronus was a Centaur -half man, half horse. Unlike other centaurs, he was wise and noble. Chiron was gifted with immortality, and taught Hercules about the gods, the stars, music, archery, medicine, and how to heal wounds. When Hercules drank the Centaurs' wine, the Centaurs attempted to kill him. Unable to drive them away, he used poisoned arrows and relentlessly pursued them. The Centaurs ran to the wise Chiron requesting that he plead with Hercules to have mercy. Hercules tried to avoid hitting Chiron, but one arrow passed through a Centaur and grazed Chiron. Unable to die, Chiron suffered horrible torture. In his grief, Hercules tried to heal the Hydra's poison but was unsuccessful, and he prayed to Zeus to allow Chiron to die. Zeus took pity on Chiron and instead transformed him into the constellation of Sagittarius.

Chiron in Astrology

Although the myth suggests a strong correlation between Chiron and Sagittarius, many astrologers ascribe the energies of this mini-planet to Virgo due to its healing influence. In fact, Chiron has a strong dual influence with both Virgo and Sagittarius. The Virgoan influence involves healing and health, and some astrologers refer to its energy as the ‘Wounded Healer.’ The Sagittarian influence depicts the quest to seek and expand knowledge - anything that allows our perceptions to grow. It searches for truth, particularly in relation to philosophical beliefs and mysticism.

A Chiron that is challenged can depict some degree of stress until a level of conscious awareness is gained. How this operates is rather dependent upon the evolutionary state of the individual. A more evolved person will likely become quite famous as a result of attaining their conscious awareness. A good example is that of Mother Teresa, whose Sun is opposed Chiron in Pisces, both squaring her Moon in Gemini. A harmoniously placed Chiron will assist a person to naturally understand healing energies, acquire certain knowledge, and in some cases, be consciously aware of their special focus as depicted by the planets and houses involved.

Chiron can allow us to break new ground and through optimism to experiment, take risks, and search for new things. Overall, this mini-planet seems to affect certain people more than others. Where its effect is noticed, Chiron tends to amplify the characteristics of existing chart traits.

For further information and reading on Chiron, the following books offer some interesting, yet contrasting views:

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