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Date August 21st - September 20th Quality Mutable
Element Earth House Sixth
Ruling Planet Mercury Body Part The Bowels

Virgo Traits

The ruler of the Sixth house, Virgo is the analyst of the zodiac. Here we have a sign whose attention to detail is second to none. The great Virgo skill is their ability to quickly and accurately analyse a project, situation or concept and optimise the way it functions, this is the most technically proficient of all the signs. Every element of life is subject to the intense Virgo analytical process.

The Virgo need for efficiency and perfection is fuelled by the logical approach they take to life. Virgo's need to dissect every last detail, apply their own analytical procedure to a situation and then through their own methodical process of deduction, arrive at their own conclusion.

Virgo's are often associated with health related professions due to their analytical nature and inherent inclination towards matters relating to health and hygiene. This interest extends to alternative therapies, the Virgo will not hesitate to look beyond accepted practice, providing of course the therapy in question passes the discriminating analytical examination to which it will be subject. If the Virgo is satisfied in their own mind that a concept is valid and legitimate then doubters will not sway them.

In general Virgo's tend to be an introverted sign and prefer to work quietly in the background rather than assume a high profile. This is a conventional and modest sign that enjoys self-analysis as much as analysing others. This means that the Virgo often has a very good insight into their personal psychological motivations. The Virgo finds comfort in routine because routine implies a logical process that can itself be subject to the Virgo analysis. This analytic process can often suppress the Virgos emotional functioning, as emotions themselves are dissected, analysed and processed before being afforded a deeply censored outlet.

Virgo is represented by an image of the Virgin, so it is the only one of the twelve zodiac signs to be represented by a person. In this case Virgo represents the purity of the Virgin Goddess, whether that be Isis, Perphone, Ceres or Ishtar. The symbolism of the Virgin Goddess is that she is pure but also robust, fertile and self-sacrificing and this sums up the Virgo persona. A Virgo is often prepared to sacrifice their own interests in order to serve others and ensure that a given task is successfully accomplished.

The lesson Virgo needs to learn is that of detachment, there are times when the true picture can only be seen by stepping back.

A typical Virgoan myth would be that of the Gaia Hypothesis, which puts forward the theory that the earth is both sentient and self regulating. By people actively participating in caring for the environment we are not only living a conscientious lifestyle but also looking after the Earth and conserving its natural resources.

Crystals and minerals associated with Virgo include Sardonyx, Mercury and Nickel.

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