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Date April 21st- May 20th Quality Fixed
Element Earth House Second
Ruling Planet Venus Body Part Throat

Taurean Traits

The second sign of the zodiac and ruler of the second house, Taurus is practical, conservative and sensual. The first of the Earth signs, Taurean interests are often centred on their possessions and their love of luxuries whether it is good food and drink or things with which to enhance their homes and surroundings. The motivation for this accumulation of material goods and pursuit of luxury lies not in the need for ostentatious displays of wealth, but more for the personal pleasure gained from having such fine things. Comfort and luxury often mean a great deal to this sign and creating opulent surroundings feeds this basic need.

This is an immensely loyal and cautious sign that can always be relied upon. Taureans tend to be a very tactile group, preferring to work with mediums such as pottery or through gardening, the earth itself. A Taurean would not overlook the sensual feel of silk or the smooth contours of a marble statue. Similarly they are demonstrative their affections and are not afraid to shower hugs and kisses on those they love.

Taurus is symbolised by the bull, giving it a not undeserved reputation for stubbornness and being difficult to sway once it has made up its mind. The bull of course is a naturally placid creature until goaded into anger, but when this happens the rage that follows is not easily dispelled. Taureans are strong willed and independent and cannot be bullied into acting in a way that is contrary to what they consider to be their best interests. Taureans do not rush to leave their comfort zone.

The Taurean longs for stability and want to establish firm root; settling down and creating a stable environment is of paramount importance to them. They are not natural risk takers preferring instead to take a common sense approach and carefully and methodically weigh up the pros and cons before making a decision.

Taureans can have a tendency towards being possessive, not just of material goods but also of their lovers. One of the lessons that the Taurean needs to learn is that to love someone you have to set them free. Taureans can hold on too tightly to those they cherish. Their lesson is to learn that self worth is not measured or linked to their possessions. The need is for Taureans to enrich their souls and direct their focus away from pursuit of material goods.

The myth most relevant to the Taurean is that of Theseus, whose exploits included being forced to battle Cercyon whom he killed, killing a wild bull that was ravaging marathon and overcoming the minotaur, which was half bull and half man. From our perspective this symbolises the victory of reason over ignorance or enlightened behaviour being victorious over ‘our inner beast'.

Crystals and minerals associated with Taurus include emerald and copper.

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