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Date October 21st - November 20th Quality Fixed
Element Water House Eighth
Ruling Planet Pluto & Mars Body Part The Stomach


Ruler of the eighth house, Scorpio is the deepest and most intense sign of the zodiac. Here we see the duel influences of Mars and Pluto at their most powerful. Scorpio represents water in its fixed form; ice. (As opposed to Cancer, which is water in its liquid form, and Pisces, which is water in its gaseous form.) The inflexible emotions of this sign are strengthened by its first co-ruler Mars and given an obsessive quality by its other co-ruler, Pluto. This is an emotional and intuitive sign that has a powerful urge to identify (through Pluto) with its source.

Scorpio's great forte is business and finance; they have a keen mind and are able to make sound business judgements based on their intuitive processes.

The Scorpio symbol represents the scorpion and the eagle. The Scorpion lives in the shadows and has a deadly sting that is completely out of proportion to its size. The Maya called Scorpio the sign of the death god, which is apt as Scorpio, is ruled by Pluto and Hades represents the Lord of the underworld. The eagle is symbolic of Scorpio's ability to rise above the Earth and soar to greater spiritual height. Scorpio's can often be very attuned to the mystic undercurrents that most people find difficult to perceive. Scorpio, through Pluto tends to be associated with the whole process of rebirth and regeneration. This is an emotional and intuitive sign that has a powerful urge to identify with its source.

Scorpio's express their thoughts and emotion with great intensity. This is a passionate and demonstrative sign that although seemingly introverted needs to express their feelings openly. Scorpios can often be quite jealous and possessive of their partners. The Scorpio also has great mental energy and sexual energy. Sex for the Scorpio is an important factor, partly because it is an outlet for its emotional energy. It is Scorpio's co-ruler, Mars who stimulates the physical aspects of sex.

The myth for the Scorpio is that of Ra, the Egyptian Sun God, who every night was said to do battle with set the evil lord of the underworld, every morning set Ra would emerge victorious, only for the battle to begin again the next night. This demonstrates the need for Scorpio to face the dark demons within if they are to emerge victorious and also reminds us of the cycle of regeneration and rebirth of which we are all a part.

The lesson that Scorpio needs to learn is not to hold on too tightly to those which they cherish and that letting go is not always a bad thing.

Crystals and minerals associated with Scorpio include opal, steel and iron.

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