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Date November 21st - December 20th Quality Mutable
Element Fire House Nineth
Ruling Planet Jupiter Body Part The Liver


Ruler of the Nineth house, this is an expansive, self-expressive, easy going and adaptable sign that interacts skilfully with people from all walks of life and swiftly earns their respect. The Sagittarius has a need for adventure and loves to explore beyond his known environment

The symbol of Sagittarius is that of the centaur; half man half horse, representing the mental dexterity of man combined with the instinctive power of the horse. It also symbolises the undertaking of long journeys as the horse represents the physical element of travel and the man the spiritual journey that we also undertake. Sagittarius reconciles the spiritual realm with the earth realm through personal experience. Although ruled by the expansive Jupiter It is also linked to Chiron again showing the duel side of the centaur – freedom loving creature and divine healer.

The glyph for Sagittarius is the archers arrow, this symbolised the far-reaching scope of Sagittarius. Sagittarians find it easy to see beyond their immediate surroundings and look at the wider reaching social and economic implications associated with their actions. They are a deep thinking, philosophical sign that values freedom and does not like to be restricted in their thought or actions. They have a sincere and upbeat disposition and tend to adopt a benevolent guiding father figure role.

Religion and philosophy play an important part in the Sagittarius make up due to their deep intellectual leanings, the Sagittarian constantly seeks out new dimensions of thought as they expand not only their knowledge base but also their consciousness. There is a danger that the Sagittarian can become too moralising and judgmental if this trait is mismanaged and can on occasion take an extremist moral position and become wrapped up in dogma. The motivation with this sign is not just to know and accept facts on face value, but to formulate and develop their own understanding of a subject.

Convention is very important to the Sagittarius who likes to feel that they are in step with the social etiquette at all times. Doing the right thing and being seen to do the right thing is vital this sign. The Sagittarius has a natural respect for the boundaries of others and is careful not to invade anthers personal space. Their mutability enables them to be sufficiently flexible that they are rarely out of step with the populace.

The myth associated with Sagittarius that of the quest for the Holy Grail; the seemingly impossible quest where the adventures that occur on the journey become the central focus rather than the actual object of the quest. In Sagittarian terms the journey is often more enlightening than the actual destination

Crystals and minerals associated with Saggitarius include topaz and tin.

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