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Date February 21st - March 20th Quality Mutable
Element Water House Twelfth
Ruling Planet Neptune & Jupiter Body Part The Feet

Pisces Traits

The twelfth sign and final sign of the Zodiac, and natural sign of the Twelfth House, Pisces has an essentially feminine nature, expressing its energy in a responsive way. As a Water sign it is concerned with the emotions, particularly those universal feelings that are associated with human predicament and suffering on Earth. Pisceans cannot bear to witness suffering and as a result difficult situations tend to bring emotional turmoil to the Piscean doorstep. The water element in this sign is water in its most uncontained form – as gas or steam, emphasising the difficulty in pinning the Piscean emotions down. Being a Mutable sign Pisces is easygoing and able to operate with a high degree of flexibility. Pisces generally go with flow. Because of its fluid nature Pisceans often find it difficult to conform to a disciplined or regimented pattern of behaviour.

Mentally this sign is impressionable, intuitive and creative. The Piscean has the soul of a poet or priest, rather than a soldier or a scientist. They need an environment where their powers of empathy, imagination and creativity can be nurtured and developed rather than suppressed. The great sensitivity of their nature evokes both an enormous awareness of and susceptibility to their immediate environment. A Pisces' feeling play a significant role in their lives and colours their whole perspective. There can be a tendency towards martyrdom at times.

The glyph for this sign is that of two fish joined together by a band, yet swimming in opposite directions, this is typical of the dual and vacillating characteristics of a typical Piscean. The symbolism of water, the substance that provides an environment for the fish to live, has always been associated with new life and the emotions. There are also numerous references to the two fish in the New Testament surrounding the teaching of Jesus.

Because Pisces is co-ruled by Neptune, illusion, dreams fantasy and mysticism tend to add a powerful element to the Piscean psyche. Dreams can be a important to this sign providing a source of inspiration, beauty and hope for the future. The ease of which this sign can slide into the dream world can be both a strength and a weakness. If used wisely it can add to the creative process and aid self expression, however if left unchecked then this ability can lead to paranoia and depression as they loose sight of reality and retreat into the safety of an imaginary world away from the hurt of the real world. Pisces is the most ethereal of all the signs with a natural urge to transcend the material and mundane.

Pisces other ruler is Jupiter, which rules religion which adds to the spiritual influence already provided by Neptune.

The Piscean is particularly susceptible to the influence drugs and alcohol and need to exercise moderation in this area (more so than most other signs).

The lesson for the Piscean is to let go of self-doubt, fantasy and dependency and to step forward and realise their qualities of universal love, self-renunciation and service to others. By avoiding negative states of mind, and realising the nature of illusion the Piscean is not only capable of growing spiritually but can become a source of spiritual sustenance to others.

Piscean myths often involve self sacrifice or illusion, in modern tales the story of The Water Babies is one such example, where the orphaned boy falsely accused of theft falls asleep in a river. His physical body, in fact, is drowned, but he is given a new form - that of a water-baby, tiny, amphibious, and immortal. Through his adventures in this state he finds love and eventually the path to Heaven itself.

Crystals and minerals associated with Pisces include moon stone, blood stone, platinum and tin.

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