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Date September 21st - October 20th Quality Cardinal
Element Air House Seventh
Ruling Planet Venus Body Part The Kidneys

Libra Traits

Ruler of the Seventh House, Libra is an easy going, personable zodiac sign that is very people orientated with a strong sense of social duty. This is a self-expressive, intelligent and communicative sign, due to the influence of the air element. Although essentially extroverted, Libra is the diplomat of the zodiac moving through life with grace, charm and elegance. The Libra credo is one of ‘do no harm' due to their need to maintain balance and harmony in everything that they do. This is very much evident in inter-personal relationships where the Libra will seek to avoid conflict and confrontation at all costs, even if that means sitting on the fence when they really ought to take a clear position on something. There would be no greater cause of agitation for a Libra than thinking they had offended someone by their actions or comments. This can sometimes lead to accusations of indecisiveness being levelled at the Libra as others become frustrated by their seeming lack of clear direction but in actual fact they will do anything for peace and harmony. There is nothing more unsettling to the peace loving Libra than discord.

Idealistic by nature Libra is constantly searching for the ideal, tending to weigh up both sides of any argument and finding a third way that is acceptable to both parties. Essentially, they seek to find in or through others the balance they subconsciously know they are missing themselves. As an intellectual air sign that is ruled by Venus, Libra represents the process of intellectualising the emotions.

Being an air sign Libra is an optimistic and romantic sign that to some extent lives in their head, they often rely on others to shake them out of their impractical dreams by pointing out the reality of a situation. The Libra is a perfectionist at heart and capable of fair and balanced judgement. They also tend to possess sound aesthetic judgement and appreciate art, beauty, poetry and music.

The Glyph (and the myth) for Libra is that of the scales. Traditionally these were the scales that Maat, the Egyptian Goddess of Truth and Justice, used to weigh the souls of the dead. Later these became simply the scales of Justice.

The lesson Libra must learn is that they cannot control their environment and expect for peace and balance to win the day in a world that contains eleven very different signs. There will always be an element of conflict because it is from the conflict that we grow. They must also realise that they alone can change their own romantic dreams into a physical reality, the castles in the air must be given a firm foundation.

Crystals and minerals associated with Libra include sapphire, jade and copper.

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