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Date July 21st - August 20th Quality Fixed
Element Fire House Fifth
Ruling Planet Sun Body Part The Chest

Leo Traits

Leo's concerns lie with the expression of creativity and protection of the family. This is a proud, self-assured and courageous sign whose charisma stands out against its fellow signs. Creativity, whether it be the act of creating a family or whether it relates to the aesthetic creation process plays a significant part of the Leo motivation and they are happiest when they are able to actively participate in this process as it provides an outlet for the Leonian energies.

The fixed fire combination of influences makes Leo a self assertive and extroverted sign but also provides it with a steadfast quality giving it excellent follow through in any projects it starts. This is sign that has the ability to not only start new projects but to persevere with them and realise their objectives. Leo's tend to carry a natural air of authority that coupled with their leadership skills and extroverted persona makes them excellent bosses. There is a danger that if carried to excess the Leo love of the limelight can come across as egotistical, vain and self-centred. It's not unfair to say that this is one of the more flamboyant signs.

A generous and warm-hearted sign, Leo's tend to be broad-minded, organised and generous; they like to do everything in a big way. No scheme is too grand for a Leo. Because they have such a predisposition for thinking big, they are often impatient with those who fail to live up to their expectations. Personal identity is of vital importance to the Leo, the Leo is proud of who they are, what they are, and their achievements. This pride is invariably projected outwards. The Leo likes to shine and enjoys basking in the limelight - especially if it is a result of their endeavours.

Leo's lessons in life are to learn that there are obligations associated with their status and that those obligations include learning tolerance of other people's minor failings and treating others with dignity. Inner strength lies beyond the ego.

The glyph for Leo is the Lion's mane or the lions tail symbolising the regal nature of the king of the jungle. Another school of thought is that the sign represents an ancient symbol shown here on the right (representing the Royal Escutcheon). This has been found carved on stones on Easter Island and parts of India. The symbol is said to originate from the Empire of the Sun; the lost civilisation from the continent known as Mu.

The myth associated with Leo is that of the lion and the mouse. When the lion becomes ensnared in the trappers net his strength and stature counts for nothing and he has to rely on the help of a small mouse to release him by gnawing through the net. The contribution of those who appear weaker than us is no less significant and should never be underestimated.

Crystals and minerals associated with Leo include ruby and gold.

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