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Date December 21st - January 20th Quality Cardinal
Element Earth House Tenth
Ruling Planet Saturn Body Part Knees & Teeth

Capricorn Traits

Capricorn represents the authority figure of the Zodiac. Along with influence, Capricorns other two main goals tend to be security and respect. This is a practical, restrained and self-repressive sign. Capricorn's style of authority is low key and disciplined; they display a controlled energy that is tied to their need to conform to a regimented system. The Capricorn is enterprising but prudent and will afford plenty of thought to an idea before committing time or assets to it.

Capricorn is one of the most patient signs and least judgmental signs around; it is also a genuinely kind sign. The goat is also tough and resilient, capable of hard work and bearing hardship with magnanimity.

The Capricorn will work tirelessly towards achieving their ambitions, preferring to plan and execute each step in a careful exact manner, with the maximum amount of precision. Capricorn's do not expect to achieve quick results rather they expect to achieve a firm and clear outcome, which as a consequence of good planning has integrity and reliability. Quick results to a Capricorn would suggest a slap dash method of delivery and would they would be quite circumspect.

The Capricorn has a serious attitude to life, sometimes to the extent that they regard those who lack their determined and co-ordinated methodology as immature, unreliable or irrelevant. If unchecked this can lead to them disregarding valuable interactions and resources due to their own tunnel vision.

Capricorn's tend to give direction well, being both diplomatic and patient with their subordinates. Conversely they are far less inclined towards taking direction, particularly if they feel they are being rushed or pushed in a certain direction. The free raging mountain goat does not appreciate being ordered around.

The Capricorn goat represents both the free spirit of the wild mountain goat and also the glum, domesticated tethered goat who is restricted by his own circumstances. It is up to each Capricorn to decide which type of goat they aspire to be.

A progressive and deep thinker, this sign can channel a great deal of energy into a worthwhile cause. Often their thoughts and ideas are unorthodox but the Capricorn has an astounding ability to back these ideas up with a logical and scientific argument that more than justifies any position they take.This sign tends to create a structure which they are comfortable to work within rather than try to function within a structure created by someone else.

Ruled by Saturn, Capricorns are often preoccupied with playing by the rules and doing the right thing.Often the Capricorn will find it difficult to open up and reveal the sensual side of their nature. It is frequently difficult for them to freely express their feelings.

The lesson for Capricorn is to have the wisdom to look to others for alternatives to problematic situations, this involves looking beyond their own capabilities and turning to others for the most reliable solution.

Crystals and minerals associated with Capricorn include turquoise, amethyst and silver.

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