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Date June 21st - July 20th Quality Cardinal
Element Water House Fourth
Ruling Planet Moon Body Part The Chest

Cancer Traits

Cancer is the first of the water signs making it an emotional and intuitive sign, but it is also the second cardinal sign, which gives it a self-expressive and assertive quality.

Cancerian nurturing instincts make them natural homemakers and mothers. The Cancerian desire to nest is a completely unselfish one that stems from their need to establish a warm, secure and affectionate environment for their loved ones. The family is of paramount importance to the Cancerian and they will defend the family with vigour if it is threatened. The home is also a place of safety for the Cancerian to retreat to when they feel the need for solitude.

Because Cancer is a water sign, it is a prone to emotional highs and lows. Just as the Moon depends on the Sun for illumination, their personalities seem to reflect the emotional environment created by others. Emotions run deep in the Cancerian psyche and hurts that have been experienced last far longer than most people realise. The sign for Cancer is that of the crab and this very much epitomises Cancer, on the outside the world sees a tough almost impenetrable exterior, but beneath that shell lays a soft and vulnerable element that is easily hurt. When this happens the tendency is for the crab to use it's powerful claws to ‘pinch' the person who inflicted the hurt. This gives Cancer a reputation for being a moody sign with a sharp temper at times. This is not really the case; rather people constantly underestimate just how sensitive this sign is and are then surprised when they fall foul of the Cancerian defence mechanism. A negative sign, the Cancerian does not take criticism well and such perceived attacks are likely to bring out the vindictive side to their nature.

Cancer is ruled by the Moon, which means that their own emotions fluctuate with the wax and wane of the lunar cycle. This can make the Cancerian particularly moody and subjective for no apparent reason. Emotions in this sign run very deep but often find an outlet in creative pursuits. The other quality the Moon lends to Cancer is its innate intuitiveness; Cancer is one of the most intuitive and empathic signs of the zodiac.

Emotional manipulation tends to be the Cancerian weapon of choice although they are not above prolonged periods of sulking if they feel the need to convey their displeasure in something.

Any myth that relates to motherhood is applicable to Cancer, once such myth is that of Tiamat, the Salt water and mother of the Gods. The Gods she had spawned eventually began to resent her, until Marduck, her own grandchild, finally murdered her. There is a saying, ‘we always hurt the one we love'. Maybe the lesson is that we should honour that which gives us life, rather than letting Cancerian negativity have the upper hand.

Crystals and minerals associated with Cancer include pearl and silver.

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