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The Planets

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Each planet represents an archetypal and fundamental energy that expresses a method, a set of key principles that are central to each planetary archetype.

Venus rules both Taurus and Libra and consequently the Second and Seventh houses.

Venus represents our values and our need and capacity for love, in particular it represents the manifestation of spiritual values in our daily lives. This planet shows aesthetic preferences and the natural attraction we feel to people and things. Venus represents the need for inner and outer harmony and balance. It is associated with the feminine side of our nature and shows the inner feelings we have when we make comparisons and judgements. Venus also represents sisters and other influential women, as well as our experience of the emotional harmony between our parents. Venus also represents the need for emotional or material security and therefore indicates how we relate to others and handle our financial affairs.

A dignified Venus suggests beauty, charm, grace, adaptability, an appreciation of aesthetics, popularity and financial sucess. If Venus is afflicted then laziness, jealousy, selfishness and emotional coldness and the desire for peace at any price are often evident.

The Sign Venus is placed in indicates how our values are coloured and what specific aesthetic styles we adopt. Choices of partner are strongly influenced by this Sign position. Venus is always found close to the Sun in the horoscope - either in the same sign, or in one of the two signs alongside the Sun.

The House Venus is in reveals the particular area of life where we discover love, companionship and partnership, and where we have the strongest and most rewarding emotional contacts. This House shows what we value specifically, and where we can be enriched both emotionally and financially.

In mythology, Venus was the goddess of beauty and love and the Roman equivalent of the Greek goddess, Aphrodite.

Aspects to Venus indicate specific experiences in love relationships and the individual psychological needs that colour our judgement when making choices.

In Karmic astrology Venus indicates how an incarnating soul feels about itself, how worthy it feels of love. Venus shows our expectations with regards to love and how this will be expressed. Venusian karma is expressed through our social interactions and success in forming intimate relationships.

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