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The Planets

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Each planet represents an archetypal and fundamental energy that expresses a method, a set of key principles that are central to each planetary archetype.

Saturn is the most distant planet in the solar system visible to the naked eye. Symbolically it represents restrictions, limitations and boundaries. Saturn in the zodiac shows where the greatest challenges are to be found, and the hardest lessons learned. This planet shows where rigid systems restrict growth. It is connected with the parents, in particular generational conflict, conventional views, authorities and rules. Saturn brings strength through self-limitation, discipline and planning. Just as Jupiter brings growth, Saturn provides the structure for growth to happen.

As Saturn takes nearly 30 years to orbit the Sun, it will be in any one Sign over a period of about 2.5 years. Saturn in a Sign therefore represents cultural and authoritarian influences and trends in society. It shows the influence of society on the individual, and where in society the greatest efforts are made to build up lasting structures.

Saturn's House position shows where specifically you will experience the greatest challenges and limitations. This is an area that will absorb much of your time. No matter how hard you try to avoid commitment in this area, you will be forced by circumstances to overcome your fears and become an expert in the field indicated.

Aspects to Saturn show areas of the personality where you will feel lack of confidence. In these areas you will be shy, repressed, desperate for recognition, frustrated. Normally you will build up self-reliance and independence in the part of your character Saturn affects after around 30 years of age, when you experience your first Saturn return. (Which is the time when Saturn completes a full orbit and returns to the exact place in your natal chart as it was when you were born.)

In mythology Saturn was originally an agricultural god, the Romans named the celebration of Saturnalia in his honour, which was later adopted by the Christians as Christmas. He was also the equivalent of the Greel God Chronos who overthew his own father and then late ate his own offspring in case they should one day overthrow him.

In karmic astrology Saturn shows our Karmic burdens and responsibilities, it also shows karmic wisdom and the lessons the soul must learn through life.

When well placed qualities such as organisational talents, patience, ambition, practicality, responsibility, thrift, caution and control are evident.

If badly placed then depression, dogmatic, fearful, severe, mean and dull characteristics are often evident.

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