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Each planet represents an archetypal and fundamental energy that expresses a method, a set of key principles that are central to each planetary archetype. In Pluto's case, the energy it expresses is unexpected and radical change, but it also has a certain 'mystic' element to it.

Pluto is the third of the Trans-Saturnian planets and the co-ruler of Scorpio and the sphere of life related to the Eighth house. It was discovered in 1930 by the Lowell observatory and takes 246 years to go orbit the Sun. The long duration of its transition through one sign makes Pluto an indicator of the evolutionary development of man. Pluto's influence is completely disproportionate to its size; although small, it brings about total transformation in any area it touches.

Pluto's influence focuses on power and the misuse of power, eruptive change, feelings of alienation. It eliminates old outdated practices and draws deep psychological issues up from the unconsciousness, it performs a necessary but not always welcome purging function.

Pluto is often linked to esoteric organisations, new religions and cults, replacing redundant traditions with new ways of thinking in the hope of transforming people’s lives. Pluto's undermining and disturbing side is often associated with religious fanaticism and mass destruction.

Pluto has a very irregular orbit and can be in any one Sign from 14 years to over 30 years, hence its influence in a zodiac sign is felt more on a collective than a personal level. The Sign position of Pluto shows in what area of society total transformations take place - often with rather catastrophic consequences. Pluto roots out basic imbalances, replacing corruption with something totally new. It brings about regeneration through the process of death and rebirth.

The House position of Pluto is more relevant to you as an individual and shows the specific area of your life where you focus too intensely. It is here that you may find that you have an intense or fanatical drive for control. The house reveals the areas of your life where you have experienced trauma - at some point in the life a total transformation will take place here. This is area of your life where the doors to your unconscious will open.

The aspects Pluto makes reveal the most intense psychological drives in your personality. In these areas of your personality you will be most charismatic and dominating. This stems from an unconscious need for control, which in turn stems from a deep fear of being powerless. Crises and transformation will arise in these areas due to Pluto's need to take things to extremes in order to facitate a phoenix like rebirth.

In mythology Pluto is the god of the underworld, no creature was ever known to have escaped transportation to the land of death beyond the river Styx. Pluto's Greek counterpart is Hades, Lord of the underworld.

In karmic astrology, Pluto represents the cycle of birth, death and rebirth. Pluto governs that which the soul must eliminate and transform and shows where the soul needs to be empowered.

If used constructively Pluto represents the process of rebirth, regeneration, elimination, deep working, dedication revelation, healing ability and mystery.

If misused, Pluto can bring about cataclysms, conspiracy, underground activity, compulsion, abuse of power and violent force.

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