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The Planets

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The Moon

The Moon

Each planet represents an archetypal and fundamental energy that expresses a method, a set of key principles that are central to each planetary archetype.

Ruler of Cancer, the Moon represents our emotions, instincts and the need for security.The Moon is exhalted in Taurus and in its fall in Scorpio. A feminine planet, it also represents cycles, our early environment and particularly the way we experienced the mother and governs growth cycles, water, history and past events. If your moon is particularly strong you will recall past events from an emotional perspective. Generally, it shows our ability to be sensitive to the environment and to both give and receive emotion. The Moon is related to intuition, and is profoundly connected to the personal unconscious, and all the habitual behaviour that is looked after by this mysterious part of ourselves. The Moon shows how we instinctively react to protect ourselves and others and traditionally rules the breasts and womb..

A well dignified Moon indicates a highly sensitive, caring and compassionate nature, the ability to give form to your ideas, public sucess, artistic talents and paranormal interest or ability.

An afflicted Moon often indicates emotional or material instability, over sensitivity, weakness, confusion and fear of failure.

The Sign the Moon is in shows the specific way we react, and the kind of emotional needs we have. The Moon travels through all 12 Signs in a month. The Moon sign's influence is often as powerful as the Sun, showing specific habitual and environmental needs as well as ingrained reaction styles.

The House the Moon is in shows the particular area in actual life to which we become attached to increase feelings of security. This area is where we are most vulnerable and defensive. However it is also this area where we experience the greatest growth and show the greatest concern for others.

The Aspects to the Moon show specific emotional experiences which affect our psychological make-up. These aspects are integrated into our emotional nature to give specific reaction patterns and habits.

In mythology the Moon is represented by lunar goddesses such as Isis, Circe, Hecate and Selene symbolising natural and instinctive behaviour.

In Karmic astrology the moon represents our inbuilt emotional patterns and shows how we need to work towards the evolution of our emotional responses so that they become conscious choices rather than knee jerk reactions.

If used well the the moon endows us with excellent memories, receptivity, imagination, sensitivity and tenacity.

If misused than lunar traits such as poor reasoning, introverted, unreliability, moodiness and holding grudges may become evident.

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