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The Planets

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Each planet represents an archetypal and fundamental energy that expresses a method, a set of key principles that are central to each planetary archetype.

Ruler of Leo and associated with the sphere of expression found in the Fifth house. The Sun is exhalted in Aries and in its fall in Libra. Planets that orbit the Sun rather than the Earth (Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Pluto) are classed as 'Superior Planets'

The glyph for the Sun is the circle with a dot in the middle, symbolising the shield of Helios or the concept of eternity. The dot within the circle is also said to represent the individual at the centre of its own universe.

The centre of the Solar System, the Sun also symbolises what is central for us as individuals- our identity. The Sun represents our self-expression, power, creativity and vitality and is one of, if not the most important planets in a person's chart. It indicates the ‘type' of person we are, our underlying self; the type of behaviour and qualities that we are most comfortable projecting. Its zodiac position in a birth chart establishes the sign under which that person was born and so the energy through which the Sun expresses itself. Its House position determines the area of life where its energy will be strongest.

Well aspected and favourablely placed suns idicate a potential for creativity, self-reliance, courage and sucess. An afflicted Sun suggests either a lack of self esteem or overconfidence, dictatorial behaviour fear, weakness and problems with authority figures.

Psychologically the sun represents our experience of the father figure and his influence in the process of forming our character and ability to express ourselves as individuals.

The Sun also symbolises our creativity and our need for personal recognition. We strive to realise the qualities the Sun represents in our horoscope through a process of individuation throughout our life.

The House the Sun is in indicates the specific area in the material world in which we manifest our identity. We will identify very strongly with the practical issues that this House represents. Self-realisation comes through the matters connected with the House.

The Aspects to our Sun show psychological influences on our identity that have to be integrated in some way. Aspects indicate specific effects that modify the expression of our identity and make us unique individuals. Aspects can also show quite precisely how we experienced the influence of the father, and how that modifies our attempts to become individuals.

The mythology of the Sun is that of the Sun god, for example Ra in Egypt and Apollo (the perfect man) in Greece.

In Karmic astrology the Sun represents what you are trying to become in this incarnation, the qualities you need to incorporate into your life, indicating what the soul needs to experience to evolve.

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