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The Houses

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The Third House: The House of Communication

The twelve houses represent twelve experiential realms, through which the energy of the zodiac sign is expressed. Each house represents a certain area of life experience. 

The Third House is the first cadent house and is ruled by Gemini and the Planet Mercury.

The Third House reveals our awareness of our local environment, our adaptability of mind and the style and manner of communication. It also governs all forms of transportation including short trips and near relatives (other than parents).

How well we communicate with the world is vital if we are to have productive relationships with those that we meet during our life. Communication skills encompass not just the act of communication itself but the effectiveness with which we deliver our message. A skilful communicator is an intelligent one who thinks about what they say (or write), how they express themselves and how to make sure they are clearly understood. The Third House reminds us that this is a conscious process where our powers of analysis can be used to give us clarity of thought.

Learning is another key element of this house, which also governs our early schooling and educational environment when we are effectively taught how to think and communicate. It is here that we develop intellectually and learn how to interact effectively with others.

The lesson of the Third House is to learn to harness our own intelligence to collate what we learn in such a way that we are able to share what we have learnt to further not only our selves but those around us who may benefit from our knowledge.

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