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The Houses

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The Tenth House: The House of Social Status

The twelve houses represent twelve experiential realms, through which the energy of the zodiac sign is expressed. Each house represents a certain area of life experience. 

The Tenth House is ruled by the Zodiac of Sign Capricorn and the Planet Saturn. It is the Fourth angular house; its cusp being home to the Midheaven.

This house represents our honour and substance, aspirations and ambitions. It also influences all home and family based decisions.

The Tenth House indicates your vocation, the profession you choose to work in and how you progress within your chosen field of expertise, your personal goals. It also represents your status and reputation in the community, as the vocational path you choose quite often influences social standing and responsibility. Once we acquire our status this house address the subject of how we use this power, whether it is subject to abuse or used with discrimination and wisdom to benefit society. This house represents the authority our personal status conveys, and consequently, the role we assume in our community. The Tenth House reveals how the world sees you and how you express your authority within your own extended circle. This house also shows how we view our own achievements and how we work on projecting ourselves

It also reveals promotion and business-related activities, your employer, the government and authority figures in general. This house governs both the roles we ourselves undertake as authority figures and those who have authority over us.

Many of our achievements happen as a result of co-operation with others, whether that is business colleges, community organisations or family members. Our status in the tenth house arises as a result of interaction with others, one of the lessons of the tenth house is to acknowledge this fact and not allow our achievements and social status to become a source of our inflated ego.

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