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The Houses

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The Fourth House: The House of the Family and the Home

The twelve houses represent twelve experiential realms, through which the energy of the zodiac sign is expressed. Each house represents a certain area of life experience. 

The Fourth House is the second angular house and is ruled by Cancer and by the Moon. The cusp of the Fourth House is where we find the immum coeli.

Within this house lies our foundations, our roots and our security. This is our place of sanctuary, where we feel most at ease and from where our sense of belonging originates. In the Fourth House we actively create a domestic environment which reassures and nurtures us and serves as a safe haven for those we love, usually the family. It reveals the needs which domestic life is called upon to satisfy. Property and real estate in general also come under this house.

Our ancestors, culture and place in society are all-important considerations in this house, because these all factor in creating our psychological roots. It is here that our subjective self and the foundations upon which we build our character are established. The Fourth House is one of three houses that is considered a house of endings (the other two being the 8th house and the 12th house.) In the case of the Fourth House this relates to natural endings and beginnings because it is ruled by the Moon and thus governs the cyclic nature of life. We set our roots down firmly into the Earth as we live our lives and establish our family. Eventually, we will return to that very same Earth. The Fourth House brings things full circle by also addressing old age, the closing years of our life when the child often becomes parent to its own aging parents.

The Fourth House represents family, history and traditions, if the house is strongly emphasised it may indicate a preoccupation or interest in the past. All of these contribute to the process of making the self whole and essentially complete. Spiritually, this house is the means by which we ‘come home'.

The Fourth House is also the home of the parent who had a greater influence on you as a child, the nurturer, this is usually the mother, or the mother figure but can in reality be anyone who fulfils the nurturing role in your life.

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