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The Houses

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The First House: The House of the Self

The twelve houses represent twelve experiential realms, through which the energy of the zodiac sign is expressed. Each house represents a certain area of life experience. 

The First House is an Angular House and ruled by Aries and the planet Mars

The First House cusp is always on the eastern point of the Horizon where the sun rises each day and is one of the most important points in a natal chart. The Earth's rotation causes one degree of Zodiac to rise above this point every four minutes, this is why it is so important to have an accurate birth time when drawing a birth chart.

The First house and in particular the ascendant rules over the entire personality, defining the person you are. It shows your personality and natural disposition. The first house represents your interface with the world. It represents the way you express yourself, how others see you and how you see and ‘market' yourself. This house also represents your physical body including your appearance, health, vitality and well being. In many ways the First house represents how you approach life, how you behave and your ultimate potential in this life .

This house, the first of the twelve houses also represents beginnings and childhood (the beginning of your life) in particular.

Planets in this house: Any planets in the first house have an enormous influence over the personality especially if they are within 8-10 degrees of the ascendant. Planets close to the ascendant tend to be prominent in a person's development from an early age.

In Karmic astrology there is a theory that the ascendant is actually your sun sign in your former life, in this respect the ascendant, and the First House represents learned behaviour from a previous life.

The lesson of the first house is to look at ourselves both inside and out, to examine the way that we interact with the world and how the world at large sees us.

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