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The Houses

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The Fifth House: The House of the Family and Creativity

The twelve houses represent twelve experiential realms, through which the energy of the zodiac sign is expressed. Each house represents a certain area of life experience. 

The Fifth House the second of the succedent houses and is ruled by Leo and the Sun.

This house is the centre of our creativity and of life itself; it reveals our children, love affairs, pleasurable activities and creative outlets.

The act of creation figures highly in the Fifth House, whether it by channeling our energies into creative endeavours or the act of procreation itself. It is the house that relates to knowing what we like and why it gives us pleasure. Emotional pleasures gained from romantic encounters or in simply watching our children are also included here.

In addition to being the house of the father, this is also the house of risk taking, whether it is financial risks such as gambling or taking risks in love, or life in general.

This is the first house that allows us to let our hair down and have fun. The predominant theme here is pleasure from fun and games and hobbies and past times. Life is more than just being or doing, it also involves discovery - finding the pleasure in our own lives enhances our lives in many ways, making us more complete as individuals.

Planets in this house reflect the path of our self-development in childhood, our 'inner child' and reveal how we exhibit our personal identity.

The lesson that the Fifth House has to offer is that the simple act of creating is, essentially, giving of oneself, participating in the creation process is our way to make our mark in the world and in so doing bring pleasure not just to ourselves, but to all those we touch.

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