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The Houses

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The Eleventh House: The House of Social Objectives

The twelve houses represent twelve experiential realms, through which the energy of the zodiac sign is expressed. Each house represents a certain area of life experience. 

The Eleventh house is ruled by Aquarius, Uranus and Saturn.

This is the house of social conscious and group relationships, it defines our objectives in life that are not career orientated.

This house reveals our capacity for friendship and non-emotional relationships and our aptitude for philanthropy. The energy we direct into participation in group activities helps define ourselves on a personal level. Creativity within such groups allows us to create bigger and better projects than we could as individuals. Our acquaintances add richness and diversity to our lives, which in turn enhances the contribution we are able to make to society. It also indicates what we desire most in life, our goals, the love we receive and the money we obtain through work. This house deals with the way we see others, clubs and organisations we belong to and our social circle, whether we give of ourselves generously and unconditionally or whether we hold ourselves back in this regard.

The Eleventh House deals with circumstances to which we have little control and also has a bearing on our destiny. This house rules our hopes and dreams, the things we really want to do or to achieve.

The dynamics of our friendships, the commitment we have to our friends, how they view us and also how we see them are all addressed here.

Our philanthropic side comes to the fore in the Eleventh House, the selfless desire to help others. It is also where our humanity is able to manifest itself most effectively. Conflicts and disagreements are inevitable when working with groups, this house looks at the means justifying the ends as we strive for the greater good of humanity.

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