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The Houses

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The Eighth House: The House of Regeneration

The twelve houses represent twelve experiential realms, through which the energy of the zodiac sign is expressed. Each house represents a certain area of life experience. 

The combined effect of Pluto and Scorpio make the Eighth House a powerful focus of endings and transmutation. The Eighth House is the third of the four Succedent Houses. In the past it has been called the House of Death, but this is somewhat misleading because it highlights just one stage of the cyclic process that this house oversees. It is the second of three houses in the chart wheel that deals with endings, but whereas the Fourth House, governed by the Moon deals with natural cyclic endings the Eighth House deals more with abrupt, unexpected and enforced change.

The cycle of death and rebirth features strongly in the eighth house but not necessarily death in a physical sense. Death in this case relates more to death of old thought forms, business and financial arrangements, partnerships and belief systems. Death must always occur to allow the opportunity for change and progress, but its fair to say that the Eighth House lacks the gentle touch found in the Fourth House. This is the house that facilitates regeneration because it is necessary.

This house aldo shows the support you get from others whether it be moral, financial (endowments and inheritance), spiritual or physical.

It is also the house of occult matters and mysticism, dealing with hidden knowledge of any kind.

Just as the seventh house looks at developing our relationships with others, the Eighth House looks at expanding our consciousness through our interactions with others.

Finance is also an issue that this house addresses; it tends to be business related finance or related to hidden assets. This house also deals with the assets of partners and alimony.

Karmicaly speaking, this is the house of reincarnation and the karma that relationships hold.

The Eighth House is sometimes called the House of Sex. It is through sex that the physical aspect of rebirth is of course facilitated. Another element of sex is the kundalini, using the sexual orgasm to reach a heightened state of spiritual union and awareness. Sex can of course result as the result of more base desires and animal passion as it were. The lesson of the Eighth House is to expand our own powerful connection with the universe by looking beyond the physical framework of the material world. It also forces us to tackle change in a head on fashion, the Eighth house deals with focused intent; not subtlety.

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