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 Life Path numbers

The Life Path number is also referred to as the Destiny number, unlike numbers derived from your name which can change as you progress through life, the Life Path number never changes because it is based on your full date of birth. The Life Path (or destiny) number then, is one of the most important numbers in a numerology chart. This number will be the one that guides your direction in life.

The Life Path number is calculated by adding together all the numbers found in your day, month and year of birth and then reducing those numbers to a single digit. If you end up with an 11, 22 or 33 do not reduce that number any further; these are master numbers and are not reduced in numerology.

For example 14 September 1952 would be  1+4+9+1+9+5+2=31 3+1 = 4

The Life Path (or Destiny) number for that date of birth would be 4.

The Life Path number is one that reveals itself gradually over the duration of our lives. It represents the strengths and weaknesses that live with and have to come to terms with during our lives. Over time we grow into this number and as we do so we begin to realise our own potential and the potential of the number.

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Your Numbers
Name Number (Expression Number)The expression number reveals the way you express yourself and interact with others; it also reveals the image that you give to others. The expression number enables you to gain a deeper awareness of your social interactions and enables you to orientate yourself in your professional life.
Life Path Number (Destiny Number)Your Life Path Number gives an important indication on the type of events that you will be regularly confronted with, throughout your life. In general you will naturally adopt a style compatible with your Life Path, rather than going against the current.
Personality NumberThe personality number reveals not only how others perceive us, but more importantly, how we perceive ourselves. In many ways it serves as a censoring device, both in terms of what we send out, as well as what we allow to get close. Analysing this number enables us to use our intuitive reasoning abilities to broaden our understanding of ourselves.
Soul Urge Number
(Hearts Desire Number)
Your Heart's Desire reveals the inner you. It shows your underlying urges and your true motivations, revealing the general intention behind many of your actions. Consequently, it dramatically influences the choices you make in life.

Once you've calculated your Life Path Number discover a little more about it below!

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 Life Path number One

Those with a Life Path number of one are life’s pioneers. Ones tend to be at the forefront of any and all activities. Ones are progressive, innovative and don’t hesitate to take the initiative; they are life’s leaders. This is a number that suggests a clear sense of purpose and a powerful motivation to accomplish goals. Ones make the most of every opportunity that comes before them.

There is a slight danger that ones can get peoples backs up by their single minded determination and their desire to achieve at all costs but generally the momentum generated by their enthusiasm and their leadership skills win through.

Positive characteristics:
Excellent leadership qualities mean that those with a one Life Path number are able to seize the moment and make the most of all opportunities that come their way. Courageous and reliable, they are the first to step up to the plate in times where decisive action needs to be taken.

Negative characteristics:
Lacking sensitivity and patience with those who lack their ‘vision’ and who fail to match their incredible pace. Sometimes there can be can reluctance to accept advice, preferring instead to act on their own plans.

The lesson of the One Life Path number is to realise that they do not know everything and that they can learn much from listening to the opinions of others.

 Life Path number Two

Two represents the number of partnerships and of cooperation. Two’s function best when working as a partnership rather than going it alone. Most twos prefer to be ‘the power behind the throne’ rather than assume a dynamic leadership role for themselves.

Two’s have an innate desire to maintain balance and harmony in a relationship and because they tend to be very sensitive to the feelings of others can build strong partnerships by their flexible attitude. They dislike confrontation and injustice of any kind, constantly seeking out equitable solutions to any conflicts that come their way.

Positive characteristics:
Two’s are balanced, considerate of others and non-judgemental making them perfect in any kind of partnership either business or personal. Twos tend to be highly intuitive and wiling to make personal sacrifices for the greater good. They are fair minded and sympathetic.

Negative Characteristics:
Occasionally twos can be moody, over emotional and indecisive. They can also have problems taking the initiative and making a firm decision at times.

The lesson of the Two Life Path is to avoid allowing themselves to be used as a doormat because of their compliant and docile nature.

 Life Path number Three

Here we find the number of versatility, energy and communication. Three represents the expression of joy. They are upbeat, communicative, sociable and creative. Threes are flexible and have no problem adapting to changes in life, in many ways they actually look forward to these things.

Threes surround themselves with beauty and harmony, whether in the form of great friendships or good books. They enjoy life and its variety. This is an optimistic and freedom loving vibration.

Positive Characteristics:
This is an optimistic and forward-looking number that is always eager to involve themselves with any kind of group activities. They tend to be organised and are good at organising others and arranging events. They are independent, adaptable, forthright and versatile and have a lively sense of humour.

Negative Characteristics:
A disharmonious three often has trouble communicating and can appear superficial and indifferent to the needs of others. They can also appear over confident and chaotic at times.

The lesson of the three Life Path is to avoid stretching the truth in order to keep others happy.

 Life Path number Four

They are steady, methodical and serious and like jobs to be carefully thought out and tackled in an orderly manner. People with a four Life Path offer slow but steady progress rather than sweeping changes.

Positive Characteristics:
This is an honest, loyal and reliable vibration. Fours are very grounded and possess the tenacity to carry through the most difficult of tasks due to their strength of will and general perseverance.

Negative Characteristics:
The flip side of the coin is that fours fail to express their vibration in a positive way then the appear lazy, indolent, and intolerant of anything that is unconventional. They can be excessively conservative in their outlook and refuse to accept anything that is not tangible.

The lesson of the four Life Path is to learn to live with life’s restrictions, which can make the four feel hemmed in at times and also to beware of people who would take advantage of their loyalty and industrious nature.

 Life Path number Five

The five Life Path is one of constant movement and change. This is a vibration that enjoys being free of restriction and likes plenty of things to do. Travel, variety and change are great for five Life Paths. Fives have an adventurous and curious disposition. They also have the ability to multi task often having several irons in the fire at the same time.

This is a Life Path that often leads to the person following it to initiate change within the family environment.

Positive Characteristics:
Fives can sense and respond to atmospheres very quickly due to their adaptability and intuitive nature. They tend to have quite magnetic personalities and because of this can both lead and inspire others.

Negative Characteristics:
Occasionally fives can overreach their own abilities and commit them selves to far to many projects. There can also be a problem prioritising tasks and procrastinating at times.

The lesson of the five is to curb their inquisitive and explorative nature so that they do not to overstep their boundaries and also to avoid taking risks or foolish dares.

 Life Path number Six

Six is the number of harmony and honesty. Friends and family and relations between the two are most important to the six Life Path and the often assume responsibility for ensuring that such relationships run smoothly.
Sixes gain enormous pleasure from helping those around them in whatever way they can and are a joy to be around. This is a vibration that has the belief that justice and honestly must prevail.

Positive Characteristics:
This is an idealistic, unselfish, honest and loving vibration. Sixes make fine peacemakers and are enthusiastic about righting wrongs.

Negative characteristics:
If used negatively the six Life Path can indicate too strong a belief in ones own ‘correctness’. It can also result in a lack of assertiveness or an uncaring, mean spirited attitude.

The lesson of the six is to learn that there are those who would take advantage of your giving nature, there is a need to discriminate between the genuinely needy and life’s opportunists.

 Life Path number Seven

The seven Life Path is one greatly influenced by contemplative, mystical and philosophical considerations. The seven Life Path is one that occupies a different world to other Life Path numbers. Because sevens think and act so differently it is often difficult for others to relate to them, the seven often wonders if they truly understands themselves, so self analysis because a key issue to the psyche of the seven Life Path.
Sevens are often attracted to religion and philosophy in their pursit of self knowledge and inner wisdom.

Positive Characteristics:
Sevens are a meditative and deeply reflective vibration able to focus their energies on looking beyond the obvious. They are sensitive, trusting realistic and wise. They have powerful imaginations and both mental and magical strengths.

Negative Characteristics:
Sometimes sevens can be prone to depression and isolate themselves from society. They can also refuse to make practical use of theoretical ideas and can be distrustful of others.

The lesson of the seven Life Path is to understand themselves without loosing their connection to the real world. The need for solitude must be coupled with interaction with others to develop a fully integrated persona.

 Life Path number Eight

The eight Life Path is one that combines tenacity and concentration with a powerful drive. Eight if the number of the business person. The pursuit of material possessions will take up much of the eights time Eights have an awesome business acumen and are capable of gaining significant material success.

Positive Characteristics:
This is a vibration with a natural air of authority capable of organizing others and working towards a common goal. It is also a prudent and astute number, which leads it towards inevitable success.

Negative Characteristics:
If used badly this vibration can result in a self satisfied, tactless and domineering personality who is impatient with the weakness of others. They can also tend towards weakness, failure and lack of inspiration themselves.

The life lesson of the eight is to understand that it is important to take the time to enjoy your acquisitions, something they can be prone to forget at times.

 Life Path number Nine

The nine Life Path is one where a strong interest in humanity develops as grows as you journey through life. This is a number deeply affected at soul level by the things that are experienced.

Positive Characteristics:
This is a vibration with a generous nature and a strong humanitarian bent. They also have the gift of oratory and can talk others around to their way of thinking with great effectiveness. The nine strives for perfection but is philosophical enough to realise that it is not always forthcoming. This is a number that can guide and inspire others and gradually move towards the spiritual dimensions themselves.

Negative Characteristics:
There are times when nines can be restless and moody. They can also be a little quick tempered at times if they feel that their patience is being stretched too far.

The life lesson of the nine is to avoid being tied down by your commitments to others. Learn that you need both flexibility and freedom in your business and personal life to grow to your full potential.

 Life Path number Eleven

Eleven is the first of the three master numbers. Because of the remarkable dualistic properties of the double one which give it the same energies as two ones while endowing it with the spirit this Life Path number can offer more than its fair share of challenges to the unprepared, this is a number that reaches beyond the mundane yet it is a vibration that offers deep wisdom, intuition and exceptional potential for those who learn to harness its energies.

This is the number of highly original and inspired individuals who are often thrust into roles they would not necessarily have chosen for themselves.

Positive characteristics:
Vast amounts of courage and willpower are always at the disposal of the eleven Life Path. This is a number that has the same natural leadership qualities as the one Life Path, but on a higher vibration. This number performs well in difficult situations and at the same time allows them to use their sixth sense to find the best route to attaining the desired results.

Negative characteristics:
Elevens can be stubborn to the extreme at times and can demand perfection of themselves and of others. They often tend to get caught up in their own emotions. Elevens can turn their hand to almost anything, but in many ways this can be a handicap as there is the temptation to involve themselves in too wide a range of projects, quickly loosing interest in them once they have established their competency in the field.

The lesson of the eleven Life Path number is to learn to balance material and physical urges on one hand with the spiritual and intellectual urges in the other. When this is achieved, then the two become one.

 Life Path number Twenty two

The number twenty two is the number of the master builder. Within it lies intellectual practicality and work involving large scale projects. This is a vibration that has the potential to successfully integrate higher wisdom with organisational structure. It is also a highly intuitive number with great spiritual instincts.

The double two provides a high degree of cooperation and talent for partnerships with others while at the same time the base of 4 makes for a practical and rational thinker, capable of building great things. Being of service to others comes naturally to this number.

Positive characteristics:
Twenty Two is a methodical and precise number. It is very much the number of the visionary, here we see powerful imagination combined with the steadiness required to bring plans and ideas to fruition. This is also a strongly humanitarian number, always conscious of the greater good of society.

Negative Characteristics:
Occasionally this number can be intolerant of others who take longer to see the bigger picture with the same clarity of mind and themselves. It can also lack focus at times

The lesson of the Twenty Two Life Path is to use the multi faceted energy that it offers on a global rather than parochial level. There is much that the master builder can achieve if they are determined enough.

 Life Path number Thirty Three

This is a master variation of the number 6, and is probably the most difficult to handle of the three master numbers. The Thirty three master number has a weighty task to perform and expects much of themselves. It is often the number associated with both martyrdom and of unconditional love. The task of the Thirty-Three is to usher in transformation of humanity and bring a new level of consciousness to the world.
If twenty two is the master builder, then thirty three is the master teacher. This is a vibration capable of great patience with people and are especially gifted with children.

Positive characteristics:
Thirty three is a kind and generous vibration capable of great empathy. This is an acutely sensitive number which like any other 'six' has excellent visual skills and is quick to spot the beauty that others often miss. This is a number which concerns itself with humanitarian issues and unconditional love. It embodies wisdom, perfection and success.

Negative Characteristics:
Occasionally this number can come across as interfering. They can also be reluctant or afraid to express their own needs and to heal themselves and others, even though they are capable of such tasks. If the energy is not used wisely they can tend towards self-pity and martyrdom.

The lesson of the Thirty three Life Path is to learn not to be too self sacrificing in the overall scheme of things, to live up to their responsibility and fulfil their destiny they must learn the art of balance.

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