Kindred Spirits & Soul Mates

This 30 page report encourages you to reflect on what it means for you to love, to be a brother, a sister, a friend, a colleague, a partner and a lover.

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What does your soul need in these relationships? What patterns weave themselves into the nature of your intimate relationships? Astrology is a great ally of the soul, as the Horoscope has an abundance of rich images that help us reflect on and imagine our authentic self; imagination being the language of the soul. This report will strive to veer you towards reflection by illustrating images within your Horoscope, images that may reveal powerful patterns of relationship and bring you more closely aligned with your soul’s intent. Astrology helps us focus on our personal view of the cosmos and soul. Therefore this report contains some standout astrological images that may help you reconsider your relationships in a different light.

This report can be purchased as a PDF file that has been formatted ready for printing and fully bookmarked for ease of use on the computer, or as a ribbon bound printed document which makes the perfect keepsake.

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