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This detailed report describes your vocational aptitudes from the astrological perspective so that they can be matched in the career marketplace.

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While the jobs themselves are ever-changing, your personality is founded on a solid base upon which to pivot. Self-understanding can supply the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual clues to your best line of work. Then you can determine how to apply your strongest capabilities to the career field you find most attractive. This report covers a wide range of areas such as:

  • Current and Future Trends for the Coming Year
  • Creativity and the Career
  • Where You Have the Best Advantage
  • Your Most likely Mode of Expression
  • How You Work Best
  • Your Strongest Psychological Tendency
  • Your Unconscious Interactive Style
  • What You Show the World & What You Know about Yourself
  • Individual Strengths Being Developed at This Time
  • How You Relate to the World in General
  • Your Vocational Indicators
  • Current Direction
  • How to Apply the Energy to Your Career
  • Your Career Success
  • Recent Influences
  • Optimism
  • Self Knowledge
  • Social Interaction
  • Current and Future Trends for the Coming Year
  • Your Best Work Environment
  • Other Factors Affecting Your Choice of Work Environment
  • Recent Experiences at Work
  • Trends in the Near Future
  • Your Financial Considerations

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